Company Background

SNI World

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2007, SNI Sdn Bhd is one of the leading colostrum products manufacturers and source supplies from the milk belts of New Zealand. SNI Sdn Bhd has succeeded because customers keep buying the unique colostrum product range, which makes it unbeatable!

“The milk products market is growing steadily. People today are more health conscious and they are aware that the highly nutritious colostrum can improve and strengthen one’s immune system”, said SNI Sdn Bhd’s Chairman, Mr. Ooi Huat Beng.

Ooi’s career in the colostrum business began in 2005. When he was appointed as Malaysian consultant to a direct marketing company selling colostrum products. In 2006 Ooi started its own company selling colostrum in Indonesia and gets its supply from the Malaysian company. In 2007, the Malaysian company had internal problems and could not supply to the Indonesian market so he had to source from New Zealand. Seeing the opportunity because of increasing demand, Ooi and his partners decided to enter into processed high quality colostrum powder and began selling his IgCO branded colostrum product in 2008.

“I initially had to convince the New Zealand processor that we are capable to purchase and distribute this prod uct. We had to commit to import a minimum quantity dur ing a year, whether we sold any or not, purely because  the supply of colostrum is seasonal – i.e. in winter when cows give birth and colostrum is their first milk after giving birth”, said Ooi. Fortunately, the product sold well and customers came back for more.


Great Development

SNI Sdn Bhd markets colostrum skim milk under its own IgCO, IgGold brand names in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Nigeria, and is in the process of expanding into other Asian countries. The group also markets its Solfigreen range of soluble fiber detox products and its Firenze range of skincare and beauty products.

SNI has also come out with colostrum beauty cream with moisturising, anti-aging, ultra-violet protection and lifting properties. The product has been approved by the Ministry of Health’s Control under the Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984, Sale of Drugs Act 1952.