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IgCo Colostrum Milk

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IgCO is natural health product extracted from the colostrum of New Zealand dairy cows. It is a pre-milk fluid secreted by a mammalian mother after giving birth during the first 24-36 hours of lactation. 

The foremilk is particularly rich in nutrients (especially vitamins, mineral, and amino acids) and contains an extraordinary composition of growth factors (IGF-1 & 2) and immunoglobulins (Ig, antibodies). In fact, it has been reported that bovine colostrum is up to 10 times richer in immune factors compared to human colostrum.

Boost Immune System – colostrum contains about 100 times the immunoglobulin proteins as regular milk does. That means that you get about 100 times the immune fighting cells that you would from regular cow milk, boosting your immune system drastically!

Nor only do you get more disease fighting cells, you will get a lot of antibodies and transfer factors that will “teach” your body how to recognize and fight disease more effectively.  Colostrum basically works like the master key to your immune system, and it will give you all the disease fighting “skills” that the mother’s immune system had. It sorts of coordinates the immune system, ensuring that your body can recognize the threats and destroy them.

IgCO is a natural health product derived from the colostrum of New Zealand cows (First 3 days). Highly nutritious functional food that not only possesses all the goodness of milk but contains immune factors, growth factors and other health promoting substances. SNI has its own unique blend of Colostrum Skim Milk which has been proven very beneficial to consumers.